The “She Seems So Normal” Podcast by Leigh Mackenzie

Listen as Leigh Mackenzie narrates from her upcoming book, She Seems So Normal: Shattering The Plastic Princess, Embracing Authentic Faith. Speaking about her trauma healing journey in 5-10 minute episodes, Leigh shares jam-packed content with a biblical perspective. Helping you strategize practical coping mechanisms for anxiety/panic attacks/PTSD events, she also answers some of the hardest questions of faith, suffering, and healing. A CSA survivor herself, she is sensitive to other trauma warriors’ experiences, avoiding overly-descriptive or detailed depictions of gr00ming, CA, SA, or vi0lence while still presenting events. As a Christian, she teaches hard scriptural truths with compassion, love, and kindness.

Is she biblical?

Leigh’s previous expertise as a biblical researcher for megachurch preachers and authors, publishing Christian magazine articles, communion meditations, and devotions, and her creative storytelling is reliable, relatable, and riveting.

When are new episodes released?

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“She Seems So Normal”
Leigh Mackenzie

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