Meet The Church Girl

Everyone is dealing with something on the inside even if you don’t see it on the outside, especially Church Girls…


How many times have you scrolled social media or watched someone in church thinking, Wow, I wish my life looked like hers: Perfect life, kids, home, or career, a killer wardrobe and giant faith to boot… Yeah, so have I until I realized everyone, on some level, has something that makes them ashamed.


What’s going on in people’s minds around you? God alone knows heart motivations, thoughts, anxieties, and concerns that keep them up at night. He knows the past and the sin, the things they’d never reveal to anyone.

Childhood sexual abuse, addictive behavior, clinical anxiety, depression, PTSD, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders… these (and many more) have been my secrets. You would never know it to look at me, but I’ll be courageous to share my journey with you so we can move together with honesty about walking with Jesus.


  • Are you a #traumawarrior trusting Jesus to heal through His Spirit and His Word? I feel you.
  • Do you have hurts and habits or know someone who does? Yeah, me, too. Let’s talk about the hard things here, but can we also encourage one another with great stories of redemption, restoration, and reconciliation because of the cross and resurrection?
  • You love Scripture? You go, Girl! Deep dives in the Word give me serious goosebumps; it’s also what literally and eternally saves my life.

I’m not the “I-got-it-all-together” Church Girl anymore, but the “I’m-working-through-the-junk-and-clinging-to-Christ” one. Let’s be friends.


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In His service,
Leigh Mackenzie
“The Church Girl Writes”

Leigh is a shining example of spiritual grit and guts.