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Will Leigh write or research for me? Can she speak at my event?

Maybe you need a professional Bible researcher to help you write that book or put together your talk or a quirky, creative non-fiction Christian writer for your magazine. Do you need a Christian speaker for your next conference or retreat? Get your fingers flying and let me know the details. I’m your girl.

It means so much to me to see someone with “a story” doing things and having a beautiful family and life. It shows me it is possible to get to a real healed/healing point.

Leigh Mackenzie is on my Badass Women list. She doesn’t fit into a mold; she’s special. Leigh’s a take-charge independent woman and accomplishes whatever she sets her heart on. She loves genuinely. A godly woman, she is someone to model my relationship with Jesus on. Leigh stands out because she lives authentically and shows all different parts of her awesome self.

Leigh mackenzie

Press Kit

About The Church Girl

Leigh Mackenzie is a trauma warrior. Having little memory of her childhood, but experiencing significant symptoms of childhood sexual abuse, she bravely embarked upon a journey of healing in 2019 with the help of a psychologist friend and an EMDR trauma therapist. What she uncovered was a nightmare of horrors, but what she also found was the unending faithfulness and protection of her Savior.

About Her Message

Leigh talks about the “hard things” of being a Christian. Shame, “fitting in” at church, honesty and anger with God are all topics in her wheelhouse of honest, biblical discussions with Christian women. Speaking about anxiety and other mental disorders and helping others develop positive coping mechanism toolboxes are also a passion Leigh has to share with others.

Solid Biblical Teaching

As the biblical researcher at her midwestern megachurch, Leigh has helped prepare sermons for preaching pastors, Bible teachers, and speakers.

  • Compiling historical background of text (time, place, author, intended audience, cultural/political)
  • Text exegesis and exposition
  • Commentary research and cross-reference

Christian Encouragement

You can have all the Bible knowledge in the world, but if you can’t apply it to your Christian, journey what use is it?

We Want Real Change

Through story and testimony, Leigh illustrates God’s goodness and greatness to His children. Her powerful imagery and word stories bring you into a deeper understanding of the Savior.