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by | Jun 21, 2017 | A STYLED Life | 4 comments

Thankful that God is not slow in keeping His promise but He is patient, not wanting anyone to perish. That “anyone” is my loved one. That “anyone” is your loved one.
I need to always consider that.
(Photo is of my most recent Thrift Store find!)


  1. Brenda Whisler

    Leigh, I’m tickled pink that you are setting out on this new adventure. I’ve always known you could write! You are such an inspiration to me-gosh, if you only knew. I thank God for you!

    • Leigh Mackenzie

      Brenda, thanks so much! I appreciate your support. Be inspired…pick up that guitar and start playing!!?

  2. Teresa Prefountain

    Oh if we all had that viewpoint of others – as God sees them not as the world does. It’s most precious when we realize that Jesus died for any one of us and all of us. Because he loves us ALL! <3


      Right on, Teresa! We are each treasures for one another, parts of the Body to build up the Kingdom. If only we saw each other for the beautiful parts that we are given to be…to work together and use whatever we have to offer to hasten Christ’s coming. The Church would be on FIRE!

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