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A Few Of Our Favorite Things, Part 1 (The Millennial/Gen Z Gift Guide: Christmas 2020)

by | Nov 18, 2020 | A CHURCH Life

You may be looking at the title of this post and rolling your eyes because we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving
you may be silently cheering as that anxiety melts, your internal pom-pom’s shake wildly at the thought of getting a jump on your 2020 Christmas list.

NOTE to the aforementioned purists: Puddin’ Pie, you do you, Boo.
For all you cheerleaders ready to tackle the end of the year: This Church Girl is here to help and she’s brought reinforcements.

While shopping in Chicago’s Water Tower Place as a brand ambassador for Altar’d State, I met sales associate Holly Krajewski. Today I’m pleased to feature this young Moody Bible Institute talent who crowd-sourced some incredible ideas with me for our younger generations. Here’s to “Gifts That Keep On Giving.”

Be sure to share this post, even if you don’t have Millennial or Gen Z friends. These ideas might just be YOUR Christmas wishlist. (wink, wink! hint, hint!)

Holly, take it away…

As a college student and a person who has survived the bulk of 2020, I am counting down the milliseconds to Christmas. There has been a lot of strain on everyone’s hearts, minds, and bodies this year, so Christmas will hopefully come as a breath of fresh and crisp winter air! There is a lot going on in a college student’s life, from long classes on Zoom, heavy workloads, and part-time jobs. Providing a Christmas full of things that will make their lives easier and more fun is the goal! Below is a list of gifts that are sure to improve your college student’s daily emotional, physical, and spiritual life. 

In everything, don’t forget to keep your cup filled with JOY this season!


As 2020 unfolded, our dependency on technology increased tenfold. From Zoom classes to endless online discussion boards, students are on their computer or phone most of the time. And most of the time, technology is working against us. Here is a list of products that will make your student’s relationship with technology a little easier (and perhaps even enjoyable!)

Blue Light Glasses: With Zoom being the primary way of meeting for class right now, students spend even more time than usual staring at their computers. Blue light glasses filter out the blue light that comes from screens and takes the strain off the eyes. I’m wearing my favorite pair while I’m writing this now, and I don’t know how I lived without them! Blue light glasses are an essential tool for any student who has to spend countless hours staring at their screen.

Church Girl Note: Not only do they make for a cute accessory to any outfit, but they also cover when you don’t put on makeup for the day! The Church Girl’s Favorite Peepers Glasses and Altar’d State Blue Light Glasses

My favorite blue light glasses by Peepers.

Ring Light: (This Church Girl is DANCING as Holly shares this idea… ) Since everything is on camera, we need the best lighting possible when we attend Zoom classes. Enter: The Ring Light. This 10” light allows for compatibility and has a screw-in-place phone holder, so no matter what type of phone your student has, it’s sure to fit. This also can fix the problem of bad angles (THANK YOU, Jesus!) when you are zooming from your phone. I am pretty sure my class is sick of seeing my double-chin when my phone sits on my desk…

Jackbox Games: Available on Steam, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch–basically every platform available, Jackbox Games always has the perfect game for your student and their friends to play.  The countless and hilarious minigames are played by a group of people using a link that you put into your browser, allowing everyone to play via their phone. Every time I get together with my friends, we are guaranteed to play several rounds of Jackbox games. A new version of the game is coming out soon. Give your student the gift of goofy drawings, trivia games, quippy word plays, and guaranteed laughs! Link:

Projector: Everyone misses going to the movies, so why not bring the movies to your student? A projector provides a great way for groups to watch movies together while trying to stay socially distanced! Blank wall + popcorn = in-dorm movie theater. 

Dorm Supplies

Whether your student is quarantined, fully on Zoom, or has nothing to do because everything is shut down, the dorm is where students are spending most of their time. Below are some creature comforts that are sure to spruce up your student’s dorm and make them feel a little bit more at home (and a little less like they are in a prison cell!).

Snuggly Blankets: Everyone and I mean everyone, can always use a new blanket. Whether your student is cozying up to a good book, a movie, a coffee, or yes, even a Zoom class, the soft blanket is a must. It’s also a cute accent to any dorm at the end of a bed or over a chair. Here are a couple of ultra-soft and ultra-cute options.

Here’s another option from Urban Outfitters.


 These days, comfy and cute clothes are a necessity. With great loungewear, your student can look like they put in a little effort into their outfit when in reality, they are wearing glorified pajamas. Here are a couple of options from our beloved Altar’d State that are sure to make your student look like they tried, and feel like they could hop into bed at any moment! Check’em out HERE, HERE, and HERE.


Whether for health, for comfort, or for just plain boredom, food has become the only telling of time by which students’ days function. Providing some fun snacks and some healthy essentials for your student’s life is a great way to make sure that some form of proper mealtime gets observed! 

Healthy Subscriptions: Companies like Daily Harvest provide individual servings of healthy smoothies and meals that can be frozen and saved for whenever. With a student’s busy life, it’s great to have quick options that are also more healthy than quick chugging a cup of coffee. A subscription for them like Daily Harvest can provide a college student a proper start to their day!

Snack Box Subscription: On the other hand, having fun and crazy (not so healthy) snacks on hand can brighten up a student’s day. With a snack box subscription,  you can give your student the gift of being surprised to see what snacks they will get every month. Both Snack Crate and Universal Yums provide mystery international options every month! 

Air Fryer: The Air Fryer is becoming one of the hottest and most efficient kitchen tools. The air fryer I have gets used constantly, by me and the girls on my floor! It’s super simple, takes up less room as a microwave, and provides great and healthier results than a microwave could. An air fryer is a great investment for your student, as they can keep it after college and use it anywhere they go to a new apartment or house! 

College Cookbook: When you eat at the same cafeteria every day, it’s easy to get sick of the options you’re given. With plenty of time on your student’s hands, and a will to eat something other than greasy cafeteria food, providing them with a cookbook is a great way to go with recipes that are easily attainable, low-priced, and incredibly delicious. Your college student will feel like a chef, and will have a lot of fun making these recipes for themselves and for friends!

Health and Beauty

Altar’d State Loungewear sets are A-MAZING!

Scripture Journals: (Church Girl is cheering again in the background!!) What’s more important than spiritual health? Since everything is online right now, these scripture journals are a great way to get your college student a refreshing break from their computer and allow them to put aside the distractions that pull them away from the Lord’s presence. This set of four journals at Altar’d State works through the gospels and allows students to write questions, discoveries, and highlight their favorite, most impactful verses and stories. You can interact with scripture all in one spot and start the day off right by reflecting on the One who is in control.

Beauty Box Subscription: Even though there’s not really anywhere to go, it’s still fun to get all dolled up! Get your student a subscription to a beauty box company to give them monthly options for fun makeup and skincare! There are many places that provide different options for whatever your student is into, whether that be natural looks or glammed-up styles! Try Beauty Box and Birch Box to start.

Face Masks: I know what you’re thinking. No, not that kind of face mask! Give your student a break and get them a box of comfortable spa masks! These are a great way to slow down, relax, and rewind while exfoliating and taking care of the skin (even if no one gets to see it anymore!)

Yoga Set: Physical health is so important right now, especially with all of the time spent indoors. Yoga is a great way to work up a sweat under space constraints. This yoga set provides essentials like towels, blocks, and a mat, as well as a carrying case for your student to make the trek to a potential outdoor location for some fresh air.


There is nothing a college student loves more than some cold hard cash. Give your college student the gift of treating themself to renting a movie on Amazon Prime, ordering some food through Uber Eats, or just saving it for a rainy day! They’ll appreciate it, and if you do give them money, here are some clever and fun ways to give it! Click HERE.

They’ll work hard for the money… solving puzzles!
Holly Krajewski is a Junior at Moody Bible Institute. She enjoys theater, writing, and, of course, Christmas. (With a name like Holly, how could she not?) 

At the end of the day, it’s all about making every day a little special and different! Whether you get your student something big or small, just be sure to be praying and rooting for them as they boldly face the hustle of busy college life during a pandemic. Hopefully, these gift ideas can be some encouragement for them as they get to take a mental break and spend time with the people who love them most. Happy Holidays and may these gifts keep on giving!